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Welcome to the wonderful and curious roleplaying site simply named Wonderland! This site is based on the book Alice in Wonderland (Or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) by Lewis Carroll and the movie adaptations of this fun fairytale!

There are so many possibilities and fun to have in Wonderland! Why not have a tea party? Or maybe play croquet at the Queen of Hearts' Castle! Maybe chase the White Rabbit and fall down into the Rabbit Hole! There's so much to do! Just make an account and start your adventure!

What are you waiting for?! Go and have some fun! Explore the wonders of Wonderland! Let's get curious!

Main Characters

Alice: Taken by SkyHeart!
Mad Hatter: Taken by ChasingTom!
White Rabbit: Open!
Queen of Hearts: Open!
Bill the Lizard: Open!
March Hare: Open!
Duchess: Open!
Cheshire Cat: Open!
Blue Caterpillar: Open!
Dormouse: Open!
Dodo Bird: Open!
King of Hearts: Open!
White Queen (From the movie!): Open!

If you'd like to be a Main Character, please go to the Main Character Forms thread in the Roleplay Forms to learn more!